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What We Do

AttreLogix Networks, founded in 2016, through its eaziCloud platform, provides next generation cloud-based management and control capability, allows any cloud-app® to be easily built and deployed. The eaziCloud framework is designed from scratch with cloud operating model in mind to provide 360° flexibility for any SaaS application services. Being the industry veterans, the AttreLogix team knows the cloud space is an ever-changing landscape that demand for constant innovation, we are here to help create new and exciting solutions for the market needs.

Our Offerings


The foundation for all our cloud-app®, developed, deployed and maintained by us.

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Our first cloud-app® that redefine Wi-Fi management with real time dashboard that allows you to visualise your Wi-Fi networks.

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"Onboard Self Service" - a cloud-app® features 100% Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) experience in any public transit services, buses, trains, cruise ships and flights.

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A purpose-built cloud-app® to monitor, analyse, control and manage various "Things" in a co-ordinated fashion.

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A standard-based software-defined module that works on any Wi-Fi equipment, combined with our eaziWi5 cloud-app®, provide the capability to build a truly wireless nation.

The eaziCloud Framework

A highly scalable cloud foundation with modular functions like transaction processing, rule-based engine, programmable call flow, redundant cluster and real time monitoring. The cloud native architecture allow next generation innovative applications, we call them - cloud-app®, to be built over it and instantly enjoy all the features and capability provided by the baseline setup.

eaziCloud Baseline Capability

Public or Private Cloud

End users are open to subscribe to our Public Cloud or deploy an On-premise Private Cloud.

Any Business Model

Being dynamic and agile, we are flexible to work with business of any scale.

Any Application Services

Wireless, Public Transit & Safety, Smart Cities, Internet of Things - we have it all covered.

Quick To Market

Our cloud-app® can be activated in the matter of days, to help our customers to stay competitive.


Our first cloud-app® running on the eaziCloud framework allows Wi-Fi network owners to rollout new access points with custom user experience flow without the need of in-depth technical know-how. The state of the art user interface provide an intuitive way to manage your Wi-Fi network and always stay up-to-date with the network condition and client information.

eaziWi5 Features

Real Time Dashboard

Obtain up-to-date insight to the finest granularity on your Wi-Fi network with a glance through our real time visual dashboard.

Ready Made Templates

Get access to our extensive library of web design templates, allow you to roll out new captive portal with just a few clicks.

Social Media

It's all about social media in the modern lifestyle today. With eaziWi5, we make it easy for you to capture social profile over Wi-Fi.

Easy Access

With our cloud setup and it's Always-On architecture, you can management your Wi-Fi network virtually from anywhere in the world.

Business Intelligences

In addition to our dashboard, you have access to a wide suite of reporting capability that is included in all our offerings.

100% Secured

We know security is your top concern when it comes to Cloud. Rest assured our cloud provider is one of the top in the country.

Endless Scalability

Nothing scale better than our virtualised setup which is designed to serve multiple tenants under the same baseline framework.

Innovative Monetisation

Every Wi-Fi project faces challenges to stay profitable when everyone is expecting Free Wi-Fi, talk to us to learn more about our proven models.

eaziWi5 Datasheet

Read our datasheet to learn more.



As the name implies - "Onboard Self Service" is cloud based social entertainment application that aim to provide complete BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) experience for any public transport services based on our state-of-the-art eaziCloud framework. The platform allows any media providers to distribute and monetise their entertainment content through a proven methodology.

eaziOSS Features

Cloud Wi-Fi Extension

Leverage on eaziCloud framework to deliver BYOD experience through Wi-Fi equipment installed onboard.

Device Agnostic

Flexi-Responsive HTML rendering technology that works elegantly on any device.

HTML5 Compliant

Complete HTML5 support and works with all modern internet browsers on big screens, tablets and smartphones.

Google Analytics

Working with Google Analytics allows you to measure advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking applications.


One of the latest cloud-app® developed by AttreLogix Networks, include a combo of connectivity monitoring, rule-based decision engine, condition-action control and monetization functions that are tailored for the IOT space. eaziIOT brings simplicity to launch any IOT applications and helps our customers to realise their IOT investment quicker.

eaziIOT Features

Flexible Integration

Built on the proven eaziCloud framework, it has wide range of interface adapters for any IOT standards - Sigfox, LoRa, Wi-Fi, Cellular, ZigBee.

Cross Verticals

The rule-based decision engine enable cross verticals devices and sensors management. From Connected Cars to Smart Cities, we have it all covered.

Easy to Use

Designed and built with consumer usability in mind, the eaziIOT cloud-app® is no stranger to you as it adopts common smart apps/web interface.

Future Proof

As the IOT arena taking shape, we work very closely with equipment suppliers and manufactures to ensure our application remain relevant in the coming years.